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Thursday, November 09, 2006

taking a stand

Valid during several weeks: Very likely you will have to convince someone of something today. This will probably not be an argument, but rather a situation in which you have to present your case with vigor and energy. But if someone tries to talk you into something, you will defend your own position vehemently and successfully. This influence is not as argumentative as it sounds. People will not see you as spoiling for a fight, nor will they be particularly likely to pick a fight. Instead they will respect you for taking a stand for your own beliefs. Your inner confidence in your ideas and beliefs will help you initiate and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Do not be reluctant to use them. Under this influence you should be successful.

Transit selected for today (by user):
Mercury Sextile MarsMercury(null)SextileMars
activity period from middle of October 2006 until end of November 2006.

and today's horoscope:

GEMINI May 20-June 20

Coming up with the answer isn't enough. You must show how you arrived at it because you'll be asked to do it again soon.