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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Running Horse lawsuit

New Lawsuit for Running Horse Development

25 October 2006 - It's a development plagued with problems. Now, Running Horse is facing legal troubles over the stalled construction of homes. It's not the first lawsuit against Running Horse, but this one comes from one of the people who bought a lot out here years ago, and who is making monthly payments for a house he can't live in because it's not even close to finished.

Running Horse development homeowner Hien Nguyen says cob-webs in the windows of his unfinished home tell the story..."It's been sitting like this for over a year."

He's among dozens of home buyers in Fresno's Running Horse development who are still waiting because construction stopped when contractors stopped getting paid.

A new agreement between Nguyen and developers in February promised to finish construction by May 31st and pay Nguyen for time and money lost. The document even says he'll get a membership at the golf club. But, Nguyen says none of that's happened and now he's suing.

He says, "I am approaching legal action because I need to protect myself. This thing has been dragging on for so long."

However, Fresno City Councilmember Cynthia Sterling says Running Horse could still be bought out and she says some developers are interested in taking on the unfinished homes, not just the golf course.

Running Horse managing partner Tom O'Meara declined to comment. But, fellow partner Scott Webb told Action News that Nguyen will be paid the money he's owed in the next thirty days.

Nguyen said, "I'm still hopeful it's going to get done, but is that wishful thinking? I don't know."

Nguyen says he wants the project to succeed, but as expenses go up he says he may be forced to sell his unfinished house as-is.