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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Running Horse : Up for Sale?

Running Horse Golf Course: Up for Sale?

09 October 2006 - The PGA is starting to look at alternative sites for a pro golf tournament scheduled next year in Fresno. Construction is behind schedule at the Running Horse golf course in Southwest Fresno. Now, talk of a possible sale is only adding to the anxiety for people with unfinished homes in a development nearby.

The Running Horse Golf and Country Club was billed as one of the most spectacular additions to the Fresno golf scene. Construction took off at a quick pace and the upscale housing development across the street was sold out in just a matter of months.
But, over the past year, managing partners Scott Webb and Tom O'meara have been plagued by money problems and now have reportedly put Running Horse up for sale.

Fresno Deputy Mayor Roger Montero recently met with the PGA tour director about next October's tournament and said that if Running Horse wasn't complete in time for the tournament the PGA tour would seek another Fresno location for the first year.

But, financial problems at the Running Horse housing development across the street may be more difficult to solve.

The builder who started the work two years ago never finished. Only a third of the 58 home sites are occupied. Lupe Sanchez is one resident who are still waiting.

Sanchez said, "It's been a struggle for us. You still have to pay rent, interest payments and all other bank penalties that come along with it." Sanchez pays $900 a month for his mortgage, and bank penalties add an extra $1,300 dollars.

Many of the homeowners are still holding out on a promise made by managing partner Tom O'meara that he would cover all extra costs incurred by homeowners.

However, a source tells Action News that's unlikely to ever happen.