Tuesday, August 05, 2008

what is she thinking ?

hi Dad, hi Mom!

i had a great day, mailed off my application for the Changing Landscapes residency in New Orleans, the 6-week environmentally-themed one that pays a stipend/materials. You asked me when we were talking last week Dad what i was doing with my new $$ art education, and i guess i am proud to say i am proposing things like this - and, i feel, looking even more prepared, qualified, connected thinking & action etc. all the works i submitted in support of my application were done since CCA and included major works from Banff and of course my performance in FLA. i know it is a GOOD ONE!! it is really great for my process and for my thesis (all underway) ... and if i got chosen, that would mean in less than 12 months i went from paying for a residency to being paid for a residency. that is a great maturing of my work. even if i don't get picked, i know i am a perfect fit for this residency and my ideas and application are stellar!!!!!!!!

I want to share this with both of you because i know sometimes (ok maybe many times, over the years!) you might wonder, what is she thinking ???

Its what i do, right? These projects make me very happy, even just proposing them! i guess it is how i interact with the world. and they help me "connect" my thoughts. ideas with others -some may make a difference i think, even just in little ways. and, in the long run, add to my scope as an artist - where things really are coming together!


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Monday, August 04, 2008

hard sweet hard, the proposal

anne devine
hard sweet hard
a studio in the woods
changing landscapes

hard sweet hard is three card monte
hard sweet hard is tic tac toe
hard sweet hard is 7.66

hard sweet hard is science
hard sweet hard is math
hard sweet hard is art

hard sweet hard is alchemy
hard sweet hard is chance
hard sweet hard is magic

hard sweet hard is woods
hard sweet hard is water
hard sweet hard is walk

hard sweet hard is personal
hard sweet hard is perspective
hard sweet hard is performance

hard sweet hard is simultaneous
hard sweet hard is spontaneous
hard sweet hard is spectacular

hard sweet hard is collaboration
hard sweet hard is community
hard sweet hard is context

instructions for hard sweet hard:

01. begin with a willingness to engage anything
02. believe that people can do anything
03. proceed with joy
04. stop as needed to bring the humanity back
05. conclude in knowing no connection is too small

KEYWORDS: connecting, reclaiming, seeding, seeding behavior, networks, proximity, locus of control, translation, transformation.

THEORY: 7.66 is a changing landscape: loss of canopy (trees reaching a high level) is resulting in greater light and new strategy, seeding a more dynamic structure. Observing experiencing and examining this landscape will inform creative ways of reaching new and existing audiences for the dispersal of educational environmental information and the seeding of strong personal connection to our global ecosystem.

hard sweet hard is a series of investigational walks:

01. in the woods (7.66) – solo walks, walks with those knowledgeable of the local ecosystem (ie ASITW Environmental Steward/Curator Dave Baker), walks in communication with others/general public, and with invited guests as available

02. in the surrounding environment (beyond 7.66 among the woods, along the Mississippi River and the area’s natural environment, connecting with the local parish and its residents),

03. and a performative distance walk connecting ASITW with Tulane University (the academic site of Environmental Studies) and the residents of the city of New Orleans.

DIALOGUE: hard sweet hard is a working dialogue of exchange between the artist and the public, especially residents of the area. in presentation, I would like to hold an open studio day, invite people on a public group walk in the woods, and give an artist’s presentation of walks taken and work completed during residency, to include a text piece and a sound work.


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i've sent off my proposal hard sweet hard tonight to A Studio In The Woods.