Tuesday, August 05, 2008

what is she thinking ?

hi Dad, hi Mom!

i had a great day, mailed off my application for the Changing Landscapes residency in New Orleans, the 6-week environmentally-themed one that pays a stipend/materials. You asked me when we were talking last week Dad what i was doing with my new $$ art education, and i guess i am proud to say i am proposing things like this - and, i feel, looking even more prepared, qualified, connected thinking & action etc. all the works i submitted in support of my application were done since CCA and included major works from Banff and of course my performance in FLA. i know it is a GOOD ONE!! it is really great for my process and for my thesis (all underway) ... and if i got chosen, that would mean in less than 12 months i went from paying for a residency to being paid for a residency. that is a great maturing of my work. even if i don't get picked, i know i am a perfect fit for this residency and my ideas and application are stellar!!!!!!!!

I want to share this with both of you because i know sometimes (ok maybe many times, over the years!) you might wonder, what is she thinking ???

Its what i do, right? These projects make me very happy, even just proposing them! i guess it is how i interact with the world. and they help me "connect" my thoughts. ideas with others -some may make a difference i think, even just in little ways. and, in the long run, add to my scope as an artist - where things really are coming together!


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