a new landscape inquiry loosely springing from an experimental combination of about 300 sheets of expired 4x5 film, an ultra minimalist wooden pinhole camera loaned from a friend, and the simple utter truth that i fell in love with a 14 mile palm-lined boulevard in Fresno

Saturday, October 14, 2006

utopia parkway

a particularly challenging shoot day, mid-afternoon i finish up production drained.

here with me for afterwards i have a ReadyLoad packet so i can pick up my Polaroid stock at Calumet. Su tells me to match the speed of the 4x5 film, that way it is all interchagable. stepping in to the store, wandering over to the film area, i feel a sense of excitement. a knowledgable employee helps me locate and select my stock: Polaroid 54 ISO 100 (black & white instant sheet film) and Polaroid 79 ISO 100 (color instant sheet film). 4x5 in, 9x12 cm. 20 fotos per box. later at home i open the seals and slip the slick foiled boxes out of their cardboard pkgs.

tonight i light a roomful of candles and listen to Anne Walsh & Chris Kubick's A Visit with Joseph Cornell. throughout the soundwork, the flame of one of the candles appears to dance, move when one of the mediums speaks. i am listening for Joseph Cornell.