a new landscape inquiry loosely springing from an experimental combination of about 300 sheets of expired 4x5 film, an ultra minimalist wooden pinhole camera loaned from a friend, and the simple utter truth that i fell in love with a 14 mile palm-lined boulevard in Fresno

Thursday, October 05, 2006

that's sexy

today i am thinking about this:

    serif is sexy, sans serif is sexier

back in the recording studio days: after a really sweet edit or a tricky technical manoeuvre in layback session, Phill would turn with a grin and say: that's sexy. and it was. still is.

that's what this reminds me of.

the relation has evolved.
with : without :: serif : sans serif

i recognize it right away and it stops me, holds my attention, takes my breath, stays with me. but i don't make the greater association, unravel the ultimate riddle of the actual recontextualization, until days later (today) when i really look at it and take it apart.

serif is sexy, sans serif is sexier