Rock & Roar


project description:


Rock & Roar (in development) is an artistically progressive website encouraging tiger and wolf conservation. Central to the project is the creation of an original series of animated spots and new media pieces hosted by Rock & Roar's "spokesperson", a lifelike tiger character capable of motion.


planned multimedia pieces include:


interviews with tiger character revealing tiger facts and "opinions" through wry and humorous responses

a spot which uses audio, text and graphics to present the word "tiger" in a multitude of languages

celebrity cameo appearances with conservation messages specific to Rock & Roar

educational and entertaining media pieces featuring the tiger character


These pieces will incorporate donated music samples and appearances from Los Lobos, INXS, R.E.M., Pretenders, Blondie, Bruce Cockburn, Dave Wakeling, Chris Whitley, Dave Alvin and John Doe, and may feature guest voice over narration by actor Julian Sands.

Deborah Harry
Deborah Harry


other key features:


audio presentations of essays and stories with tiger themes

on-line gallery of the tiger as commercial and cultural icon through the 20th century

links to educational and scientific web sites for further information


project distribution:


Rock & Roar will be available for free worldwide distribution to anyone with Internet access and www browser capabilities. All multimedia work will be made available on the Internet in a variety of streaming media formats for worldwide distribution.