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viva el tigre




Tigers around the world are dwindling in numbers.

All wild populations of the remaining five tiger sub-species are endangered, due to loss of habitat and poaching.

Find more out about tigers by visiting:

International Tiger Information Center
IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group
Hornocker Wildlife Institute
National Geographic's Tiger Time


will the wolf survive?




Find more out about wolves by visiting:

International Wolf Center
Defenders of Wildlife

read the IUCN Manifesto on Wolf Conservation


Mexican Wolf:


The endangered Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) is currently repopulating in the wild in the Southwest United States, former natural range territory for this sub-species.

US Fish & Wildlife Service oversees approved reintroduction of the Mexican Wolf and predicts that a wild population of 100 wolves will be achieved by 2008.

US Fish & Wildlife Mexican Wolf Updates from the Field

US Fish & Wildlife Mexican Wolf Site

Summary of Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Plan

Mexican Gray Wolf Species Survival Plan

Defenders of Wildlife: The Return of El Lobo

Defenders of Wildlife: Restoring the Mexican Wolf

Defenders of Wildlife: Chronology of the Mexican Wolf

Mexican Wolf Management Facility at Sevilleta NWR

Round River: Sky Island Mexican Wolf Project


Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf:


The endangered Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf (Canis lupus irremotus) was reintroduced to the Rockies in 1995.

Defenders of Wildlife: Restoring Wolves to the Northern Rockies

Defenders of Wildlife: A Yellowstone Chronology


Wolf Compensation Trust:


Defenders of Wildlife : The Bailey Wildlife Foundation Wolf Compensation Trust

Wolf Compensation Fund is an Asset


wolf bibliographies:


International Wolf Center : Published Works Bibliography (searchable!)

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