Rock & Roar


The beauty of this collaboration is the creation of aesthetically challenging educational media with truly far reaching results. Choosing the charismatic tiger as a signature species for all endangered or near-extinct species, we put forth the global question:

what does the world lose when we lose the tiger?

As the viewing audience explores this question, the philosophical reasons which are the foundation for conserving any species in any locale will be uncovered.

We acknowledge the essential work of scientists, environmentalists, activists, anti-poaching groups, investigators, law makers, and others. We create Rock & Roar to build upon this work by reaching new audiences. In GreenScene's nine years of ongoing discussions with leaders in the global tiger preservation community, we find unanimous agreement: the power of human concern is a crucial factor to the continuation of tigers as a viable wild species. In no way does GreenScene suggest that any one type of effort is more important than another in the worldwide effort to save the tiger. However . . . when it comes to triggering human response, we are convinced that a well informed artistic approach will convey the stirring emotional argument for tiger preservation.