Steve Mack


Steve Mack has spent the last five years at the forefront of the streaming media industry and currently consults worldwide with his own newly formed company, Smacktastic. Previously as Manager of the Medialab, then Co-Creative Director and finally Executive Producer at RealNetworks, Steve oversaw nearly all the content created for the Real family of web sites, including,,,,, and

The first audio engineer hired at RealNetworks, he worked closely with the codec and tools developers, and was involved in some of the largest and most prestigious Internet broadcasts including the Tibetan Freedom Festivals, The Intel New York Music Festivals, the MTV Europe Awards, President Clinton's Inaugural Address, and the first ever public live Internet broadcast of a Seattle Mariners game in 1995.

Steve has presented and given lectures at countless conferences, and chaired the Internet Audio Workshop at the 105th Audio Engineering Society conference. He also wrote an article for the 1999 Wiley and Sonsi Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering entitled Broadcasting on the Internet.

Before his career at RealNetworks he built, owned, and operated Bang Bang Studios in London, England, a commercial 24-track recording studio where he produced and engineered hundreds of releases. He also traveled the world and released 5 albums worth of material with critically acclaimed rock group That Petrol Emotion.

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